Unlike corporate businesses, small businesses have a limited budget when it comes to signage. Every company wants to go for signage that is effective, cost-efficient and displays their business or attracts customers. And since advertising is crucial to bringing in new customers, it becomes all the more important to make the most of those limited advertising dollars. And for this, they need to make the best choices for the signage needed to attract business while also increasing the return on investment (ROI).


With the latest trends, you can choose any type of signage and customize it for the best results in terms of business, ROI, advertisement and business recognition. Let’s talk about how and what tips can work in creating a high ROI sign for your business:

Repurpose existing content:

Using existing content costs less than producing new content because you’re simply repurposing it. This involves taking the main ideas and adapting them for a content publishing platform.

This can work with the two signage types; exterior and interior. Your business can feel different while saving money if you switch up just the placement of your signage or mash-up different types for a promotion or advertisement.

Make it reusable

Any sign that stands to be reused in the future is an investment in the long turn. Let’s see how can a signed type quantify to be a long-term investment:

  • Moveable signage (banners, posters, pylon signs)
  • Digital boards

These sign options allow versatility with business, brand awareness, and a fresh look. Moveable signs like banners, posters and pylon signs can allow for seasonal brand awareness or time-limited promotions. You spend once and the sign and message stick around for a long time. Customers get attracted and keep coming back to a place that feels comfortable like nostalgia, and an old sign propped up here and there, only a few times a year means anticipation. This, in turn, can give a high ROI in terms of customer care, cementing habitual clients and customers, and in terms of finances as well.

With digital boards, the latest business signage type,  you can focus more on the versatility of messages, promotions, and advertisements.

Leverage Signage with other businesses

Another tip is the business maneuver. This is where businesses can form alliances to promote their specific brand or service at the other business’s location. Yes, we know it sounds confusing, but let us break it down. A sandwich pop-up can have its brochures at a decal studio and have their decals done by the decal studio. This is only a small example of leveraging signage to gain high ROI.

Key Design Success Attributes

Looking into design attributes that can mean a long life of a signage type or just for upping your sign design game, you can quantify ROI for your signs. For example, metrics like:

  • Font
  • Size
  • Placement

These 3 are the top standards in upping your advertising game. You get to attract customers for a long time and find out the best signage that suits your business.

Even with all the tricks and tips, the high ROI on your signage is going with a certain business aesthetic. Businesses are more associated with aesthetic and with multiple types of signage available, you can have a detailed look for your business and let the ROI pile up while customers become comfortable with your business provisions.