We’re always talking about what you should do to ensure that your custom signs are working well. This time we’ve compiled a list of things you SHOULDN’T do if you want your digital signs to stand out from the crowd.

Let's dive in:

Bad Imagery:

If there is one way to doom your digital signs for sure, it is by using text only. Today’s audience is so visually sophisticated that they aren’t pleased with pixelated, overstretched and bad imagery in custom signs. Make sure you’re using up to date technology in imagery with high-resolution images to display your message.

Lack of Tailored Content:

Digital signs can get you great traction with your customers IF done right. It’s not as simple as fitting your website in a screen or displaying a PDF. You need to tailor your content for a specific location at a specific screen for a specific audience. Specific, specific, specific should be your mantra when developing content for all custom signs and especially digital signs.

Not Knowing Your Audience:

As with any marketing campaign, you can’t develop an effective message if you don’t have any idea who your audience is. What kind of data do they prefer? Hard data or tips and tricks? Are you addressing their needs and solving their problems? How are they interacting with your ads? If you don’t have concrete answers to these questions, it's time you do some research on your audience.

Bad Placement:

If no one sees your sign, it's useless. Your sign needs to be at eye level and not placed too high or be causing glare in a high traffic area. Make sure you place your sign where your audience actually visits. A sign has no value if it's placed in an empty hallway which people rarely visit.

You Didn’t Add a Call To Action

You want to go beyond branding and involve your audience; you want to give them something to do. Make sure you add some call to action to your custom signs, it can be anything from urging them to sign up or to call you for more information. When you involve your audience with a CTA on your digital signs, you drive more ROI and you give them value for their time.

Little or No Communication With Stakeholders:

You need to identify the stakeholders in the deployment and the creation of your digital signs. This may include HR, the advertisers, and the technical team. This also includes your content and management team. These people need to be onboard the deployment of the ad. Often digital signs go awry because IT professionals install digital signs without even consulting the people involved.

You Forgot About Maintenance:

So you have your digital signage hardware and software in place and you’re celebrating the launch of a successful campaign too. Don’t just stop there, think about what you want in the next 3-5 years. You need to update the hardware and the software with time and make sure you’re updating the equipment timely to avoid any major problems in the future.

Digital Signs are the future and they will drive more and more ROIs for businesses if done right. Follow these don’ts to avoid any mistakes that might add to your campaign’s failure.