You hear the worst things about LED signs from people who have no technical know-how of them. Technology is confusing, after all. So we’ve managed to break down the complex jargon here for you to judge and choose.

Let's take a look at some of the worst cooked myths about LED signs:

1. LED Signs Are Not Heat Resistant

You’ll find this statement repetitive on every other signage forum. You’ll find LED signs a lot better than other options in the market. For example, incandescent bulbs are nowhere close to LED signs. All their electricity gets converted to heat instead of light.

LEDs ensure that most of the energy gets utilized as light and not heat. While comparing them with dull bulbs, they are a much better option.

You can pass by an LED sign at a restaurant without getting bothered.

2. LED Signs are too Dull for Day-time Use

Many people tend to believe that LED signs are too bright and distracting.

Traffic lights that use LEDs are one of the best examples to quote in this case. Why would the government and the lawmakers use LEDs instead of  ‘better’ alternatives?

Tons of accidents would occur if LEDs were too distracting on a regular day.

3. LED Signs Last Forever

You would find many LED manufacturers falsely promoting this claim. This is not true.

Everything has a shelf life. LEDs, in particular, have a longer shelf life. Even if you use them 24/7, they’re going to last over a decade.

It’s hard to say that your LEDs would survive till the end of the world. But they’re going to last longer than your desk lamp.

4. LED Signs are Way too Cheap/Expensive

It’s hard to give a sweeping statement to defend both the claims. Both statements can be true and false at times.

If you’re on a budget and you’re thinking about getting the same LED Sign as U2 did in their concert. You might want to rethink.

We’re not discouraging you to dream big. However, it’s a  fact that you need to take one step at a time and invest in LED signs as per your necessity.

Skeptics are always going to present you with overcooked/extremist opinions. It's better to analyze the facts yourself. It's good to investigate the matter yourself by asking business owners who have LED signs.

We’ve got a wide variety of LED signs that won’t break your pocket. They're a great return on investment too. Given that they’re low maintenance,  energy efficient and you can change them any time. Get your quote today!