Consumers associate the professional quality of your signage with the quality of your product or service. There are several ways that some office signs in Cleveland fall flat.

  • Spelling or grammatical errors. These are the hallmarks of a DIY sign that you might order online, create yourself and only pay someone to manufacture and ship. Without a professional checking the product for grammar, spelling or even content errors, you may end up with a bad sign that does not adequately represent your brand.45.1
  • Homemade signage. You occasionally see this type of product with start-up companies. To save money, an entrepreneur paints the company’s name and phone number onto a piece of wood and attaches it to the façade. While this might work in a pinch for a day, keeping it up longer than a week does not look good. The same is true for the handwritten signs pointing to the restrooms.
  • Missing signs. Did you know that missing a sign could be unprofessional, too? The office that lacks a lobby sign fails to make that first impression today’s discerning consumer is used to seeing. Its absence creates an impression – but not the one that you were hoping to make.

Lobby Signs are Essential Marketing Tools


It would be a mistake to compromise on the presence of a lobby sign. Rather, invest in a product that bespeaks your approach to doing business and underscores your thought leadership in your chosen field. This type of communication takes place via the selection of materials, design elements and mounting methods. Material choices include acrylic, metal, PVC and a variety of combinations thereof.

Suite Signs Support Your Office Building’s Interior Décor


Unless you want to allow tenants to select their own suite signs, we highly recommend the installation of a uniform product look. Frame signs are excellent in this setting. You choose the material and color of the frame as well as the mounting location and height. Tenants then have the option of customizing the inserts to display their marketing and branding messages. The cohesive look that the floors of your building will present is visually pleasing and hints at a well-run building.

Wall Art and Murals Underscore Your Business Niche


Make your wall art germane to the type of business you run. These products are perfect for marketing directly to shoppers in a retail setting. Within a service environment, they provide the backdrop for informative wall panels and similar displays. Also, murals cover up large wall spaces that would otherwise make it difficult to set the right mood for your company’s space.

ADA Signs are the Law (but they do not have to be merely functional)


When business owners contact Blink Signs to discuss the commission of ADA signage, they frequently believe that these products add a generic look to their offices. This is not true! In fact, there are plenty of customization options for ADA signs, which make these products integral parts of your interior décor. Examples include Gemini plaques, dimensional letter displays, and similar markers. Contact us today to find out more about office signs in Cleveland and the professional quality they bring to your space.

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