Everyone loves a good deal. Especially if it’s an event on a budget. But how do you save on signage cost when planning an event? Let’s find out:


Plan, plan, and plan for the event at hand. This way you’ll have a budget for the signage before you get into any final decisions. Going in with a number is better than dealing with an out-of-hand budget at the end. Plan for what you need the sign to do, the type of signage, its placements and future use. The best kind of signage is the one that can be reused.


Recycle any old signage or existing ones by adding to it or changing its place. Imagine getting a decor change, where you only have to move most of the things from their place. That alone will give the room a whole new look. Recycling existing signs is the same and for events - sturdy and traditional signs with changed places give a whole new look and get the signage job done.


If you've got yourself a signage company working on your signage needs, then you couldn’t have asked for anything better. You can call Blink Signs to get information about any upcoming deals or membership discounts. What’s more, you can even land a sweet deal by talking it through with a signage company. You never know what deal may turn into free publicity for the signage company.

Have A Vision

Will you be reusing the new signs? What types of signs will you be choosing? Will you be able to recycle them for the next event? Can you exchange them after the event? Whatever decisions you make about getting new signs, think ahead. Thinking ahead now will save you on your signage cost later. Take a look at our gallery to solve half of your problems and then call us to get the full job done.

Make a budget, reuse your old and existing signs, and get the best deal for your event. The same goes for you new signs, cut down on your signage cost for any event you may have coming up.