Hanging your banner signs doesn’t require any heavy duty tools and accessories. You can play around with simple accessories to set them up perfectly on walls, ceilings, fences, and poles. That’s what makes them one of the most reliable forms of temporary signs and promotional materials out there.

We’ll be discussing some common display methods in this post to get your banner displayed.

Get Hold Of Some Hanging Accessories

Display accessories provide support to your banner signs and ensure that it doesn’t fall off. It’s a great way to increase your brand visibility and provide protection against bad weather conditions. Use the following banner hanging accessories to hang your banner properly:


1- Hanging Clips

Also known as the Carabiners, these are used both for permanent and temporary displays. Use these to hang your banner signs on a chain link fence. The perfect way to display your banner is by displaying them on a chain link fence.

2- Zip Ties

Are you looking for the perfect hanging materials for your outdoor event? Zip ties would be the perfect solution to your problem in this case. Use zip ties for food truck advertisement, birthday parties, bridal showers and grand openings.

These are definitely more strong than ropes or clips and are meant to stay for a longer time period.


3- Bungee Cords

Don’t we all hate loosely hanging banner signs?  Bungee cords are good for hanging your banner tightly. Use one of the cords on one of the grommets and the other cord to the anchor point of your choice. Try to have tension from each bungee cord to pull the banner equally across the face.


4- Nylon Rope

Nylon ropes are the most common method of hanging your banner. Using a typical metal chain can also work well with a hanging banner but nylon ropes can be managed perfectly so they remain a popular choice.

Now that we’re done with giving you some tips on hanging your banner, it's time to discuss some perfect display options. You could also consider using personalized directional signs at the event.


Choose the right place for hanging your banner

You’ve got the perfect banner with perfect accessories. Now is the time for you to spot the right place to hang your banner. Let’s take a look at different options:


Hang your banner directly on the wall:

Probably the most common way of hanging your banner is by directly attaching it to your wall.  If your wall is made up of bricks, then you should try using screws instead of adhesive strips.


Suspend your banner between two posts:

This is a common practice that works well when you’re not having an event on a windy or rainy day. It is recommended to have a middle post too for large banner signs. These can be adjusted using ropes, zip ties, and screws.

We hope you took away some knowledge from this post. We just don’t sell but also suggest ways to display them in the best possible way. So grab on all the right tools and let the hard work begin to flaunt that banner perfectly!