The competition is getting fierce for scoring the perfect ad space. Hunting for the best space might seem challenging but if you know how to get it, you can save a lot of money.

Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) or Digital Place-Based Media (DPB) provides an opportunity to sell display screen ad space to in-store brands and third-party advertisers. Retailers make extra income by letting others advertise on their networks. 

And this is the best place to score cheap ad space.

With DPB media advertising you can target both the national and local audiences. It also gives better ROI than TV ads; you get to target consumers at places where they are in the mood to buy. It transcends beyond demographics.

You can buy ad space on an hourly basis or based on ad impressions. During peak times the rates will increases.

There can be multiple peak times in a day. For instance, rush hours, when people are going to offices and schools and when they are returning to their homes. 

Think of a gas station, where there are long lines of cars waiting to get fuel. 

If you’re a small business target advertisers locally. Pursue local advertisers instead of national ones. Try to leverage from ad time and digital signage networks.

Don’t focus solely on the cost, check if the ad network has proof of performance. Ask for rate card information. Make sure that it’s worth buying time on the advertiser’s network.

It might be even cheaper to find ad space in your niche. For example, if you sell business-to-business there are ad networks that show only business-related ads. 

There might be price discounts or coupon codes. 

If you buy ad time from local advertisers, ensure that you can track the effectiveness of your ads. 

Be strategic in choosing the ad content and placement. You never want to play the content that might tarnish your brand. Don’t settle for less. If an ad spot does not make sense, immediately look for a better one.

Have your ad network integrate a CMS that provides easy but concrete proof-of-play statistics. Don’t throw away money on ads based on feelings, look for stats that promise growth. 

What you pay for the ad space should justify how many people watch your content. The demographic also matters since your products/services should reach the right audience. 

The advertising content management system CMS should offer billing/accounting features to make it easier to pay for the ad space. 

Their software platform should accept the electronic delivery of digital ads and easily integrate your playlist. 

The platform should be able to sell, convert materials, add and delete ad content, manage the purchased spots, give proof-of-play, and offer seamless billing and collections process.

Try to find a network that has significant foot traffic.

If you’re a product vendor at a supermarket or deli you can probably get a better deal for ad space there. You can show your products on the screen placed behind the deli counter, playing while people wait to be served. 

This will be great ROI for branding and increasing sales, you can even promote some of your less-known items or introduce new ones. 

DOOH also offers publications that help both the advertisers and vendors in finding the right deal. You can get a lot of information and the best deal for ad space through their recommendations.