Branding your business with signs is an excellent opportunity to create product awareness and name recognition in consumers at large. Having the right building signs for Cleveland, OH, companies is, therefore, necessary. What are your options?

Capitalize on a Remarkable Font with Channel Letters47

When your font is one of the most recognizable aspects of your branding, showing it off with channel letters is ideal. This signage product comes in lit and unlit options. Our technicians manufacture the sign’s body from durable aluminum. If you select the front-lit option, we close off the sign face with a colorful polycarbonate sheet that shows off your company’s colors. When you choose the backlit, or halo-lit, illumination setup, our technicians close off the front with aluminum that we paint in your chosen color. The light then escapes through the back.

Market Your Affiliations with a Box Cabinet


For companies whose brand appeal largely relies on professional affiliations or certifications, a box cabinet is a better option. Available in basic geometric shapes as well as customized forms, this cabinet gives you the option of having a light source installed inside its aluminum body. The facing is a polycarbonate sheet that we can imprint with your company’s name, logo, affiliation information and other data that is of interest to your customers.

Branding with an Atmosphere in Mind


What do you do when it is the vibe, or attitude, of your company that appeals to the consumer? In this case, you have multiple options open to you. For starters, we suggest the commission of a sandblasted sign that allows for the display of a three-dimensional image and lettering setup. These signs are suitable backdrops for expressing your company’s attitude and approach to doing business. Get fanciful with the design, go big or let detailed color nuances do the talking. In the alternative, consider the manufacture of metal dimensional letters. Cast metal, in particular, works very well when you want to get the point across that your company appeals because of its longevity and commitment to excellence.

Going Beyond the Building Signs

Branding your Cleveland business with a façade-mounted product is a good start. Continue this trend by also bringing your interior signage components up to date. If thelobby signs, suite marker and ADA signage products do not continue the branding message that your building sign communicates, you practically end the conversation with the consumer. Do not make this mistake!

Discussing Building Signs in Cleveland, OH, with a Graphics Expert

If you’re not sure if your building sign in Cleveland is branding your business, contact us to learn more about your options. In particular, if you have come to the realization that your current signage is inadequate to the task, we can help you with rebranding considerations. Also, we can help you think through a signage design that could change the façade’s and, therefore, the business’s, overall impression on the consumer. If you are just starting out, let our experts help you get off to a great start marketing and branding your company at its new location. Contact us today to get started on your project.

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