Make the right choice now… Rebrand your company’s name or logo with 3D dimensional sign letters!

Static 2D signs can get boring with time. This year is the year of rebranding. So to make your business pop, you need to give it a little facelift with durable, attractive and enticing dimensional sign letters! What’s great about these signs is that you can have them installed both indoors and outdoors.

We can find dimensional lettering at almost every curb. It’s a popular way of advertising & promoting a business. Dimensional sign letters are made from different materials like aluminum, steel, acrylic, laminated acrylic, foam, laminated foam and formed plastic. So the choices are wide and expanding.

Their durability is determined by their material type. But metal lasts longer than the rest, even though it costs a bit more. On the other hand, aluminum is more cost effective as a metal. We, at BlinkSigns, do suggest that you make an investment that lasts you longer in the market. So giving us a call wouldn’t be so bad to get a little professional advice.

There are various options when it comes to mounting dimensional sign letters depending on whether they’re for outdoors or indoors. BlinkSigns chooses the best option from double-sided tape to side & stud mounts, depending on the type. For more pop, your dimensional letters can either be front or backlit. That’ll surely make a bold statement.

With all that, you’ve many options to choose from. Then how do you determine what to choose? Here are some pros of the trending dimensional lettering styles. You can later give our signage expert a call for a free consultation.

Flat Cut Metal

These are great for indoors & outdoors. All lettering or logo is made with high-grade plate metal & comes in various thicknesses. You can choose aluminum, steel, bronze, brass or copper finishes or even painted colors for the flare. It usually takes these 2-weeks of production.

Cast Metal

Cast aluminum letters are sort of a classic choice. It has the durability that would help your signage last a long time. Also, it’s quite environment-friendly, being free from lead and mercury.

Fabricated Metal

Fabricated metal is lighter than metal letters and is strong & stable. These work well for exterior signs as they are corrosion resistant with crisp edges.

Laminated Metal

The perfect dimensional sign letters for reception areas or exhibits. You can choose from a variety of metal and foil laminates. It has acrylic or sometimes high-density foam substrate in it. These are also available in different thicknesses.

Laser Cut Acrylic

These are fully customizable letters and have a high durability rate. They’re available in different colors and thicknesses. Also, their production time is quite less.

Formed Plastic

Formed plastic dimensional sign letters are waterproof and earth-friendly. There are unlimited variations in style and colors. You can even have them imitate a metallic look by polishing with chrome laminate or brushing them up a bit. These are also available in front or backlit form. These are a great choice for people with budget constraints.

Injection Molded Plastic

These molded dimensional sign letters have a look and feel of cast metal but in plastic! These are available in the standard style of letter and are quickly installable. If you’re on an extremely tight budget, these are super cost effective and definitely an option for you. So, as you have seen, there are so many options to choose from. There are several sizes, shapes, and finishes available. There’s no need to overwhelm yourself with it, just reach out to us, and we’ll help you out!