Having the right signage combination on your property can make or break your business. If the products look professional, fit well into the space provided, and address the consumer with eye-catching colors and style elements, studies prove that it is possible to increase sales by 3 percent or more per sign added. The monument sign, in particular, is an excellent tool for catching the eye of motorists before they arrive at your parking lot’s entrance. Doing so is instrumental in preventing a prospective customer from passing by your store or office and heading to the competition rather than turning around to enter your venue.

When you are shopping for monument signs in Cleveland, OH, you have a large number of options open to you.

HDU. High-density urethane (HDU) is a durable material that withstands weathering and does not succumb to insect damage. It comes in a broad range of widths, heights, and designs. Typical heights are about six feet while widths of four to seven feet are not unusual. Choose from ovals, circles, diamond, or rectangular shapes as well as decorative pillars. Finishes may include faux brickwork, wood, and stucco.

Pylons. The pylon is not just for the multi-tenant strip mall anymore. Standing about six feet tall, it is a combination of an aluminum body with attractive acrylic paneling. LEDsprovide illumination from the interior. Countersunk fasteners ensure a sturdy installation. These products come in triangular or square shapes.

Box cabinets. Another alternative is a brick and mortar base supporting a box cabinet. These products are typically wider. Some light boxes mount to HDU structures, too. Another group of cabinets requires customized display setups, which may include aluminum frames that mimic rounded posts or pedestals. These can feature avant-gardestyle elements, which look right at home in modern settings.

Post and panel displays. More and more businesses now rely on the post and panel display to function as a monument. Fulfilling this requirement is easy when the panel portion is sufficiently large to feature your information. Slotted posts permit a seamless installation setup. Posts and panels, both, may feature a large number of decorative touches that make the product uniquely suited to the character of your neighborhood and business.

Ordering Your Signage

We recommend illuminating any monument signs in Cleveland, OH. Lit signage is easier to see, stands out after dark and gives you additional branding and advertising opportunities even after you close up for the day. Of course, if you prefer unlit signage, we can help you there, too. A few of our clients ask us to install non-illuminated monument products and will then train landscape spotlights onto the signage. Doing so can create a visual tie-in to your landscaping that balances an entrance setting.

If we have inspired you to consider the addition of a monument to your existing business signage, contact us to schedule a client consultation. At that time, we visit your location, take measurements and discuss the size and shape that you envision for the product. We can answer your zoning code and permit questions at that time as well. Contact us today to get started on your project.