Like any other signage type, Pylon signs are a great way to increase your brand’s visibility. Trust us, they've got the best ingredients to catch your potential customer’s attention, whether they’re traveling on a busy road or entering a crowded shopping mall.


Pylon signs are the best shot for you when you’re considering road signage but before you opt for it, there are certain questions that need to be answered.  Let’s go over them one by one:

What are Pylon Signs?


Pylon signs are big and tall. In short, they can be seen from a distance. The best location for this type of signage can be shopping centers and industrial complexes. Petrol pumps, hotels and gas pump stations understand the potential of these signs and use them for their businesses. Pylon signs are also recommended for people who like to think out of the box and want to play around with custom signage.


What are the materials used to create Pylon Signs?


Steel is the perfect metal that can be used for the Pylon signs to be mounted on a reinforced concrete footing. These concrete footings can be made out of stones and bricks. However, these days popular brands like to create aluminum footings for their illuminated Pylon signs.


Another popular choice are the steel poles for the base and outdoor light boxes for the top. These outdoor light boxes are supported by weather-resistant cabinets with a translucent panel that defines your company’s logo perfectly.


What are the different types of Pylon Signs and which one should you opt for?


Pylon signs come in different shapes and sizes. The way forward for you is to implement them according to your brand’s specifications.


A customized lightbox or outdoor light box is adjusted on top of a big pole that works wonders for restaurants, offices, and stores. The light box is made up of weather resistant cabinets that flash your brand’s message with help of a  translucent panel with backlighting. If you're not a big fan of poles, the other option is to consider is the 3D self-standing fixture.


For landlords or property managers, the best option is the Landmark Pylon Signage. Another trigger word for landowners or property managers is the yard sign which equally serves the purpose. You need to play around with the frames to get the maximum out of them. You can play around with dimension frames, A-frames, and freestanding frames to get the most out of these.


In this digital age when everyone is going crazy with innovations, LED panels to provide you an option to experiment with your signage if you’re bored with the conventional. This computer-controlled Pylon experience allows you create messages that are timely, relevant to your brand, and engaging at the same time.


Hopefully, we’ve developed a response to all of your questions regarding the Pylon signs. Now that you’re clear about what option you want to go for, we wish you good luck with your investment!