What do you think will occur to signage industry marketing or advertising this year? What role do you think signage will play in it? BlinkSigns focuses on conquering every curve with the different types of signage for its customers. So, to stay ahead, we keep up with the industry trends in marketing, design, and business.

We’ve seen some amazing design changes in signs, and we feel that they will make a significant impact in 2019. To keep you on your toes with signage industry trends, we’re sharing some here:


  1. More Creativity


Creativity is the key to any marketing strategy. Advertisers have to be more creative with their advertising campaigns to reach masses. Digital signage comes in play here. Back in 2014, Pepsi set the bar high with its bus shelter campaign that used augmented reality. The campaign was a huge hit. It’s easy to understand that we have to be more creative than ever to get ourselves noticed.

Digital signage

  1. Artificial intelligence


Application of artificial intelligence is likely to increase in 2019. Artificial intelligence will impact broader digital marketing as well. It’s growing due to increased scale and its benefits across many industries.


AI in marketing helps to gather data and provides information that improves plans. Besides easier data collection, AI enables opportunities for professionalization and interactivity.


  1. Interactivity


If there is anything we’ve seen growing and proving its worth, it’s interactivity. It has made an impact on all sorts of signage. The point is whether you can achieve that level of interactivity or not.


The purpose of interactivity is to empower customers. In a store, for instance, it allows them to browse products, and features or inquire on out of stock items. You can use effective signage, like banners or indoor signs to increase interaction with customers.


  1. Richer Personalization


Personalization has grown and reached a point where it has become necessary for any campaign. Given the emphasis on interactivity, options for personalization have increased. Personalized content works quite well in signage industry to ensure communication between customers and the business.


  1. Colorful Minimalism


When talking about a minimalist color palette, we imagine earth tones like grays or dark yellows. But, this year we’ll get to see some pop of bright colors sprinkled among the simple color pallets. So we can assure you, there’ll be some brighter signs to look forward to.


  1. Vintage Style Signage


No style goes away forever, they linger on. We take inspiration from classic designs and styles in fashion, advertising, and design. Over the last few months, there is an increase in requests for vintage-inspired signs. Bold fonts and bright colors catch attention and motivate feelings. Bright painted signs and tube-like lightings that give off a feel of neon signage are making their way to the signage industry.

  1. Geometric shapes and abstract patterns


Geometric shapes and abstract patterns are increasing in signage as well as in web designs. Bold patterns have made their way into branding. So, in 2019, you might just come across some crazy zig-zagging, captivating signage.


2019 is going to a big year for the signage industry. This will be leveraged by the vibrant colors, and creative freedom we have. Make your signage pop and request a quote from BlinkSigns!