Research suggests that incorporating digital signage means boosting your brand awareness by 47.7%. Which means an increase in sales and improvement in brand loyalty in the long run. Such promising turnouts have attracted thousands of investments in the signage industry. Ultimately, a surge is predicted in the digital signage industry by 2020.

Let’s dive deeper into the science of signage and analyse what are the tricks that can work for your business:

1- Keep it Interactive:

Quite opposite to the conventional advertising methods, digital signage allows customers to take full control. They can take full charge and view the type of content that they want to see. One of such social experiments involved gaining response to traditional advertising methods such as broadcast and compare them to digital signage. The turnout showed 93% positive feedback for digital signage.

2- Create Relevance:

This might not be surprising to you since every other form of advertising is about creating relevance for your brand. In terms of signage, you need to understand that the kind of signage that works best in a shopping mall may not work on a busy highway. A Louis Vuitton point-of-sale digital signage is likely to do much better in Dubai Mall in comparison to other mediums like TV, radio etc. Make sure you chose the right message for the right customer at the right time. Remember, contextual messages are ten times more impactful.

3- Personalize the message:

Digital signage is booming and what makes it different from other forms of advertising is the flexibility of the messages delivered. When you incorporate a digital sign on a busy road, the message delivered will be different for the regular morning/evening commuter and the midnight commuter. Similarly, Walmart’s in-store signage varies depending on the customer’s footfall. Forget the rules of traditional advertising and make your message more personal to your customers.

Combine the above-mentioned three factors, and what you get is an amazing customer experience. If we look closely, keeping relevance, creating intractability and personalizing the message brings together the best kind of advertising.

Digital signage is more about earning attention rather than forcing the customers to give attention. It educates, entertains and persuades along the way. Thereby, digital signage works for your business.