Store owners know the difficulties of advertising. Some choose to focus on high-end signage, and others look for details to boost their sales. With advances in the signage technologies, there are many more options available nowadays. Let’s shine a light on all types of signage that can help you revolutionize your store design.


Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signs are the first thing that your clients see. This first impression is important. Other than the impression, outdoor signs bring in customers because of their:

  • Quick and easy visibility
  • Local, cost-effective 24/7 marketing

Almost all stores have outdoor signs, the trick to revolutionize your store design is by changing them up. Here are a few tips to revolutionize your store design by focusing on outdoor signs:

  • Interchange outdoor with interior signs
  • Less is more - Use impact signs instead of a variety of outdoor sign types
  • Plan your theme - Represent your store’s theme with outdoor signs in colorful, 3D backlit or neon channel letters
  • Use Digital Displays - Show the latest sales, products or promos using digital displays outside your store. You can also use small-scale digital display tickers instead of full digital display boards
  • Use A-Frames - Especially if your store’s promotions are time-based or change daily, like restaurants, delis, and other eateries

Outdoor signs are about creating the right brand message. You can mix and match your store’s layout to get a new look. So, don’t forget the signs that are your store’s forever on-spot ads. If the signage doesn't go with the store design, then the whole look can fall apart.

Indoor Signs

You’ve got customers coming in and out of your store the entire day. Once they’re inside, the store has to hold their attention for the time that they’re there. Some customers visit stores based on their outdoor signs and look but leave soon after visiting. You’ve to "up" your game to hold their interest today when there are a variety of choices to choose from. Here are a few tips to revolutionize your store design by focusing on indoor signs:

  • Less is more - Again, choose your signage that goes with your store’s interior
  • Colors - Signs come in all shapes and colors, but they can go wrong when too much is going on. Like neon signs against a busy background can hide even in plain sight
  • Window and Wall Graphics - Tell your store’s story, promotional story or your products’ story using window and wall graphics

Indoor signs are about showing the brand message.


Digital Displays

A digital display is a signage type that can hold your brand’s look together. They’re like the mood boards for your store design. Also, they’re the signage type that needs minimum maintenance and changing. Plus, they can be used inside and outside to display new promotions and products.

Nearly every industry keeps up with the latest signage types to promote their brand or products and services. But it can get time-consuming and expensive to keep up with the latest trends. The trick is to have a system, which can help you revolutionize your store’s design without dealing with new signage installments — interested in more tips and tricks about signage? Then visit us at BlinkSigns for all your signage related needs.