As many retailers know, signage is important for business. Signage is the first step in doing business with your potential customers.

The majority of store signs nowadays are about attracting people to your products or services. But, what's these tips and tricks to enhance your store signs? Let’s find out:

Consider Signage:

Signage is the first interaction that your customer has with your business. Plus, an interesting store sign is like candy to our sight, and with some tips and tricks, retailers can enhance this first experience even more. Here is a few tips to level-up your store sign game:

  • Display Colors

    • Color plays a major role in luring a would-be customer to your store.
    • It also has the power to evoke strong emotions and influence the way your product is perceived.
    • Bold colors catch the eye but if your store is located in a line up of neon-lighted stores, go for something dark to stand out.
  • Signage Style

    • Signage can be directional, informational, or promotional.
    • Choose helpful yet smart signage styles to guide customers through your store.
    • Think of store signs as an effective go-to source of information when your sales team is busy with other customers.
    • Ensure your signage can be understood at a glance. Use large, bold copy wherever possible.

Play with size and font in your chosen signage type to bring out your store’s identity. Remember, good designs bring in money, it sells. Your store signs can serve up the information your customers need while still being an extension of your brand — so have fun with them.

Consider Lighting

Once you’re done with signage, you can play around with other factors to attract your customers. Good signage brings in customers, but good lighting is the cherry on top. Lighting can be added to:

  • Interior signage
  • Exterior signage at night
  • Pop-up displays
  • Simple backdrop
  • Front of the store

There are also some signage types that use lighting to display your store’s brand, like:

Other Factors

In the last few years, the presence of digital signage and signage linked with good lighting has only grown. Digital displays give the customers authority to browse for themselves through a store. Plus, with helpful wayfinding and directional signs, customers feel more in control of their situation. This also makes them coming back to stores that provide such independence.

Everything about store signage and good lighting is to help customers, and all this ease only makes them come back for more. Here at BlinkSigns, we make sure that you get the right information and guidance related to your signs.