How do visitors to your office know which door to open? When you display suite signs in Cleveland office buildings, you take the guesswork out of a first-time client’s visit. These products give instructions, issue an invitation and let a little bit of your branding message shine through. Of course, they also generate name recognition and product awareness in casual passersby. What are your options?

Custom Suite Signs with or Without Braille or an ADA Display


Assist visitors to find your office with ease. Customized suite signs show the name of your company and the suite number. Materials include boards made from acrylic, metal or wood. Add information via the routing technique, with small dimensional letters or by placing onto the material a second smaller board that carries an imprint. The use of imprinted vinyl overlays is another possibility. For ADA-compliant boards, we work with you to find an ideal color contrast, which appeals to your taste. Adding Braille is easy when featuring the raised characters next to the suite number or underneath the company’s name.

Beyond the Suite Display: Additional Uses



You do not have to limit the display of suite signs to the front door of an office. What else can you do with this signage product?

  • Name department entrances. For hospitals, educational institutions, and facilities with multiple departments on the premises, the use of door signs makes sense. These products highlight the entrances to various departments and identify them by name. For visitors, doing so makes it easier to follow wayfinding instructions.
  • Mark room designations. The electrical room, the janitorial closet, and any other housekeeping or maintenance location should receive a clear sign that labels the locations. This practice keeps unauthorized visitors from trying to enter. It also assists new maintenance personnel from quickly locating the rooms they need to access. When calling in a heating and air conditioning service, ensure that professionals find the furnace, boiler, and other equipment.
  • Amenity directions. In the hospitality trade as well as in well-run apartment buildings, you frequently see signage that identifies the location of vending machines, the pool or the laundry facility. Using suite signs rather than other products adds pizzazz to the venue.

Ordering Suite Signs in Cleveland



If you are a property manager, consider offering this product as a tenant improvement. When you select the style of the frame but leave the display plaque blank for your tenants to have imprinted, you ensure an overall uniform presentation but still give tenants an opportunity to allow for the branding of their signage.

Some of our clients prefer to handle the commissioning of the signs at the management company level rather than allowing tenants to do so. This practice is usually the case when suite markers that vary too greatly in style, size and message would mar the office building’s overall atmosphere and interior décor. No matter which type of display you prefer, whether you are a property manager or a tenant, or whether you own the building and would like to imprint your branding message upon the products, contact us for assistance. We help you turn your signage vision into a reality.

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