Businesses today are about more than just selling a service or a product. They’re about attracting their clients’ attention, money, and loyalty to their brand. What is it about a business that makes a solid impression? We've got the answer, and it’s pretty simple. Window and wall graphics.

window and wall graphics

Branding is simple, but everyone does that. What others miss out on are details like using window and wall graphics. Let us make sense of this tactic, that is, why you need wall graphics to attract your clients and sell your brand.

Helps Your Brand

High profile or not, your brand has to exhibit what you want to sell. Plus, it has to represent it well, and that includes the interior of your office. Everyone who comes into your office should be able to connect with your brand directly. This can be anything from professional tones to modern/chic designs, or from sleek metal tones to warm hues. This is where wall graphics come in to play. They can display your mood at first glance.

Using window and wall graphics can help you increase brand visibility overnight. They can help set the mood, display the mood or turn something blank into an array of choices.

Gets Your Clients Interested

After you’ve decided on the story you want to tell using wall graphics, you can anticipate your clients’ interest. Nowadays, everything from business cards to websites is about putting your story forward without direct interaction. This is where wall graphics can help you out in another way. Wall graphics will make your clients’ feel. People always remember how something makes them feel. When your wall graphics tell your brand story, visiting clients will connect with that story and become interested. For example:

  • Hospitals can choose to display patients getting the best care, enjoying various clinical options.
  • A bakery displaying hot and cold food items being served to happy and waiting buyers.

Wall graphics can be applied to any industry to set the mood for clients and get them interested in what that industry sells.

Affects Employees Mood

Another thing that makes window and wall graphics worth it is the overall mood of your employees. Employees are affected by the environment they work in. Old or new employees, everyone will take notice of how your office space looks. This can affect their motivation levels and ability to enjoy work more.

In today’s age, businesses like Google are working on improving the interior of their spaces to accommodate their employees. If the employees are happy and settle well, they’re prone to being productive and creative.

Attraction is only half the game, the other half is retaining your employees like loyal customers. Providing a space where they can work in comfort will boost their morale. Plus, surveys like the Leesman Index show that 85% of survey respondents agreed that the design of their work-space is important to them.

Overall Benefits

Window or wall graphics can bring in profits and have a positive impact on your business.

They set a positive mood for the people who work in your office and tell a memorable story to outsiders like clients. Overall, they have benefits like creating:

  • A memorable experience
  • Reinforcement of your brand
  • Removable or permanent
  • Durability
  • Cost-efficiency

Wall and window graphics give your brand a wow factor. Plus, they help with the interior decor. Here at BlinkSigns, you can choose your own custom wall and window graphics. Choose today and transform your office's space into brand messages or design masterpieces.