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As a Verizon-approved vendor, BlinkSigns has completed over 5,000 projects nationwide for exterior and interior signage. Whether you need Verizon digital signage inside or outside , we have what it takes to get your message across with the right exterior and interior signs.


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BlinkSigns Celebrates 10 Years of Partnership with Verizon as their Approved Signage Provider

Verizon Wireless is the second-largest wireless carrier in the United States, with over 120.3 million subscribers as of Q3 2020.

BlinkSigns is celebrating 10 years of partnership with Verizon as their approved signage provider. Looking back, we are proud to say that partnering with Verizon proved to be a revolutionary step for BlinkSigns over the last decade. We reached the level of global vendors in less than a decade and we owe it to Verizon. Our journey with Verizon is nothing less than a highly educational experience. Working with Verizon has been a nurturing experience that brought us to the level of global vendors. We evolved as a business during our partnership with Verizon and continue to do so.

BlinkSigns is obliged to Verizon for the privilege of being through multiple rebranding of their business. We learned with them as we worked with them, and so we became prepared to take on fortune 500 companies, nationwide. Verizon gave BlinkSigns the confidence that if we can do it for them, we can do it for anyone.

BlinkSigns Crosses Milestone of Over 5000 Projects with Verizon

BlinkSigns has completed over 5000 projects for Verizon’s multiple franchises in over 15,000 locations providing interior and exterior signage, nationwide. Working with a name as big as Verizon meant increasing our project capacity, enhancing our infrastructure, vetting more vendors, and expanding our teams. BlinkSigns gradually expanded from being a local vendor to servicing projects nationwide all the while growing and learning with Verizon. In the past decade, BlinkSigns has become the top choice for signage contractors nationally and internationally and we owe a great deal of this to our experience with Verizon.

Our Commitment To Verizon Has Kept Us On Our Toes

The secret to our success with Verizon for the past 10 years is our undying thirst for innovation and our use of high-quality materials. From the start, we quickly realized that providing a top customer experience didn't just end with installation. Instead, it takes delivering an entire signage solution that includes brand management services, post-installation maintenance, and much more.

Verizon: The Signs of Power & Resilience

At BlinkSigns, we studied the various store types and building conditions of Verizon franchises to identify color, size, placement, and alignment to create signs that were readable from all angles and in all weather conditions. Adhering to the branding guidelines ensures consistent quality across all franchises and alignment with Verizon’s brand values— simple, premium, and intentional.
BlinkSigns has been providing signage solutions for Verizon for the past 10 years as a preferred vendor for their franchisees nationally, we have successfully managed to provide high-quality exterior and interior signage projects on time, each time.

Verizon trusts BlinkSigns for their Branding, Rebranding, Exterior, and Interior Signs.

Process Timeline

  • Monument Signs
  • Channel Letters
  • Pylon Signs
  • Blade Signs
  • Box Signs
  • Post & Panel Signs

Brand Management

  • Vinyl Door Signs & Floor Sticker Signs
  • Store Hours Signs
  • Authorized Retailer Signs
  • Security & Accessibility Signs
  • Temporary Banners & Promotional Signs
  • Wall Mounted Directional Signs

As a Verizon-approved signage vendor, BlinkSigns is elevated to have completed over 5,000 projects nationwide in more than 15,000 locations. If you are a franchisee who needs Verizon signage inside or outside of their facility, we have what it takes to get the job done with the right exterior and interior signs.