Illuminated LED Signs

Reduce advertising costs and boost your business's performance with high-quality embedded LED signs. At BlinkSigns, we provide advanced & high-ambient embedded LED light systems for perfectly even light distribution. Rather than just pushing a one-size-fits-all, BlinkSigns, gives you the freedom to choose from a wide range of embedded LED lighting solutions such as slim signs, neon signs, and alum signs.

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Custom Embedded LED signs we deal in:

SlimSign: Considered as the most beautiful letter signs; acrylic letters by BlinkSigns are illuminated with LEDs connected together. Our slim signs are customizable, dust & waterproof.

Neon Signs: Vintage look is the next big thing, and with LEDs, the look is possible. BlinkSigns combines acrylic blocks & energy-efficient embedded LEDs to provide an appealing vintage look. 

AlumSign: Go big and bold with Hugh-mounted AlumSigns. We provide customizable alum signs that are perfect for long-range visibility. Make a statement from a distance with LED Signs!

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