Custom Channel Letters & Building Sign Letters

Channel Letters are custom-made dimensional letter signs constructed of metal or plastic. These are commonly used as exterior signs. BlinkSigns uses state-of-the-art equipment to produce each letter precisely to ensure durability, quality and the appeal of the sign.

Channel letters to channel your business’s brand

Channel letters are eye-catching and the most preferred choice when it comes to exterior signs. These signs are usually used as fixtures on parts of a building. Channel letter signs enhance the overall look of the sign itself and add a lighting effect on the surrounding building facade. You can choose from different types of channel letters like standard channel letter, open face channel letter, reverse channel letter and black/white channel letter. Each type has its unique characteristics. Get one for your corporate signs, bank signs and other industries. 

Also Known As:

  • Neon letter signs
  • Channel lettering
  • Glow letters
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