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Directional & Wayfinding

How we do it better

We do whatever it takes to make your project a success, even things that other companies may not want to do, such as working with your local government to determine permitting needs. From large to small projects, we know the ins and outs to get your brand the best possible sign. 

Directional & Wayfinding Examples

A better process

We handle every necessary step of the process, including getting any permits or working with your landlord to comply with any restrictions. We work with you to properly incorporate instructions and other important elements when it comes to installing Directional and Wayfinding signs. We lay out the plan and help your clients or customers navigate towards your building easily.  

Making Navigation Easier For Your Customers: 

Directional & Wayfinding signs are designed to make your clients' life easier. On sites where danger and alert signs are necessary, these play a great role. These also help your clients navigate towards your building and determine points of entry and exit. 




Best For:

  • Stores
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Offices
  • Churches
  • Schools

Also Known As:

  • Extruded sign cabinets
  • Wall signs
  • Box signs

Quality Materials

Cabinet signs can be made in a variety of ways, which means that some materials may be better suited for your signs than others. We break down your material options so you understand how each will impact the look and durability of your sign.

From Design to Installation

Once your signs are made, it’s time to get them out there for your customers to see. Our professional crews efficiently install your pole- or wall-mounted cabinet signs so that they can quickly draw in new customers. Since we’ll have our installation equipment on site, we can also repair or replace any defective lights elsewhere on your property if needed.

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