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Non-Illuminated Signs

How we do it better

We do whatever it takes to make your project a success, even things that other companies may not want to do, such as working with your local government to determine permitting needs. From large to small projects, we know the ins and outs to get your brand the best possible sign. 

A better process

Our design team works with you to incorporate your branding, such as specific fonts, colors, or logos, into your Non-illuminated signs. Our team also has experience working with property management companies to make sure your signs will be compliant with any regulations.

Grab attention with sleek, stylish dimensional signs designed for your exteriors.

Dimensional signs allow you to show off your branding in a professional manner. These non-illuminated signs feature individually cut letters and logos like LED channel letters, except exterior dimensional signs, are made with a different variety of materials to create a classic, non-illuminated look instead of bright, shining lights. We work with you to create custom dimensional signs that present your business’ personality and can stand the test of time.

Best For:

  • Arenas/Stadiums
  • Professional buildings
  • Condo/apartment complexes
  • Daycares/schools
  • Restaurants
  • Community centers
  • Retail stores

Also Known As:

  • 3D sign letters and logos
  • Outdoor dimensional lettering
  • Metal sign letters
  • Acrylic sign lettering

Quality Materials

Exterior dimensional signs need to be made with quality materials that will stand up to the natural wear and tear caused by weather and other outdoor factors. We work with a variety of materials, including cast metal aluminum, cast metal bronze, flat cut metal, aluminum, foam, and PVC. Each option features different benefits, so we compare each material to find a solution that best fits your needs, including the overall look of each material and how they fit in your budget.

From Design to Installation

Your signs won’t do much until they’re installed. We work with a strategic network of professional installers across the country, so we can send a team to get your dimensional signs set up without an additional cost to cover travel. Our installation crew will then ensure that your signs are securely mounted and follow any regulations from your landlord or local government officials.

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