HDU Sign & Wooden Signs for Business

Wood signs have been a standard in the signage industry for a long time. These are carved, routed, sandblasted or decorated with vinyl lettering. These signs have a more traditional, classical feel to them, making them a perfect choice for businesses being run years. HDU signs are similar but made with PVC plastic or High-Density Urethane. These give you the same look as wood signs but without the hassle of maintenance.

Wood signs & HDU: The versatile duo

The versatility of wood signs and HDU allows you to pick a sign of your choice that best fits your business’ personality. BlinkSigns uses wood signs and HDU that are sandblasted to create intricate designs and then painted or stained for a perfectly finished look. HDU signs, on the other hand, give a carved look because of their smooth or textured backgrounds. Both are a great choice that ensures your brand’s outlook as exterior signs.

Also Known As:

  • Sandblasted signs
  • CNC routed signs
  • Foam signs
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