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Ignite Your Sales

Shirts, bags, hats, pens, drinkware and everything in between, Blink Signs specializes in building customized ecommerce stores for all your promotional needs, whenever you need them. Get your signage and your promotional items under one roof from a company you trust.

Ignite Your Sales

Promotional Items Examples

Built For Both Large Organizations and Small Businesses

From custom shopping bags for small and large businesses to creating 10 padfolios for a small real estate firm to 250k thunder sticks for the Cleveland Cavaliers, no project, quantity or client is too big or small.

If you’re a large organization, a custom webstore means you get all your promotional solutions in one location instead of engaging multiple vendors.

If you’re a small-medium sized operation on a low budget, Blink Signs has thousands of products with flexible online purchasing solutions.


Your Store, Your Rules

With Role Based Access Control (RBAC), you can stock your stores with pre-selected and customized products at approved price points, delegate orders to pre-approved employees, or roll out access to your entire organization.


Order and Pay in One Place

Whether you want swag bags for an event or are in need of corporate and wellness incentives for all your employees, Blink Signs has thousands of domestic and imported products for you to choose from. Place your orders and pay for them through your online store.

Here’s How It Will Work

Once you decide to work with us, ordering promotional items will be a breeze. Here’s how it will go down:

Step 1:
We sit down with you and lock down your requirements. This will include the design, pricing points and the specifics of the promotional items that we’ll be adding to your webstore.


Step 2:
Our team will build you a customized web store, where these pre-approved products will be located.

Step 3:
You can then place your order for the promotional items through your online store. All payments will be processed online.

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