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Look No Further! As a local sign company, BlinkSigns can help you with all your interior and exterior signage needs in Columbus, quickly. Our custom sign solutions help businesses increase their foot traffic, improve customer experience, and boost overall revenue.

The extensive research and in-depth market analysis we possess can help your business grow faster. Fill out the form for a free consultation.

Why BlinkSigns as your preferred sign company in Columbus?

Devoted to serving the business community with our top-quality signage solutions in Columbus, Ohio, we at BlinkSigns are committed to add value to your business with our state-of-the-art signage solutions. From manufacturing and installation to maintenance, we do it all. Our mission is to build an identity for your business that has no parallel. We firmly believe that each business has its unique needs, so terms like “one size fits all” and “all-purpose” simply don’t exist in our dictionary.

What makes BlinkSigns the best sign company in Columbus!

  • BlinkSigns has been proudly serving the Columbus Ohio area since 2003 and owns one of the largest service and installation teams in the area. 
  • A+ ratings awarded by Better Business Bureau 
  • Has won The Weatherhead 100 award ranking 9th among the 100 fastest growing companies in Ohio
  • Regional offices and custom production, design and manufacturing facilities in Columbus
  • Renowned customers like Re/Max, Amazon, Sprint, etc.
  • One of our most prestigious Columbus projects includes the installation of 11 NFL Pylon Signs at NFL Hall of Fame - Centennial Plaza.
  • Sell, install, and service the most amount of custom signages in Columbus, Ohio 
  • Proven materials, proven production methods, state-of-the-art technology
  • 5 Years warranty on LED parts and Labor 

Creating meaningful experiences with interactive signage solutions

BlinkSigns is the best sign company in Columbus for a reason. For us, signage is more than just a static display of your presence. We take into account demographics, psychographics, behavioral data, positioning, and placement to deliver a sign that instigates positive responses. We believe that great things happen when relationships are built on open communication. Our local team spends dozens of hours determining the clients’ exact signage needs.  Our marketing experts analyze and interpret consumer behavior so that we can provide signage solutions that’ll cater to your long-term needs.

Serving Columbus with the best signs

Being a modern metropolis and the capital of Ohio, Columbus is rich with inspiring signages. Our journey with the Columbus business community and its people has been amazing. One of our most prestigious Columbus projects includes the installation of 11 NFL Pylon Signs at the NFL Hall of Fame - Centennial Plaza.


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