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The Process

BlinkSigns changed the signage process to give regional and small businesses the same quality, experience and pricing we provide for our national clients. Let’s rewind to understand how this happened.

BlinkSigns started on the national scale, working with large, brand-name retailers.

After years of learning, developing and optimizing our internal operations, we streamlined a customizable and scalable process that leaned on four core principles:

  • Use the best quality materials
  • Keep the costs low
  • Be incredibly fast
  • Be obsessed with customer experience

quality materials

Thanks to these principals and our strategic network of signage professionals across the country, it was only natural that we started exploring small, regional businesses. After consulting with a few small business owners, we uncovered a harsh reality: smaller businesses weren’t receiving the same signage materials, cost, installation and delivery time as our larger clients. Since our project management capabilities were scalable, why not tailor them for both large and small operations?

Now, BlinkSigns provides signage solutions in all 50 states with a client base ranging from small mom and pop stores to Fortune 100 companies.

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How The Process Works

From the initial meeting to installation, many factors can prove to be challenging for your signage project, whether it's your first sign or your 100th. Signage solutions are not a one-size fits all approach, and that's why we customize the entire process for each client.  

Phase 1:


We start the process by uncovering your challenges, needs, and desired outcomes for the project. At the end of this phase, we will understand all of your project elements - which could be anything from measurements and visual requirements to permit approvals and landlord restrictions - so we can organize and align every detail of your signage solution.

Phase 2:

Workflow Customization

After we collect all the necessary information, we customize a workflow built around your project requirements. From site survey and city criteria to design, approvals and installation, your workflow will contain every step of your signage solution so you have no questions about where your project is in development or how long it will take to complete.  

Phase 3:

Geotarget & Installation

After the workflow is finalized, we select the closest partnered manufacturing facility to make and ship your sign. This is done to keep the lead time down while reducing manufacturing and shipping costs. Once your sign is made and shipped, one of our vetted installation crews will install your new sign.

Phase 4:


Finally, our quality control team will investigate the initial project discovery to make sure all signage goals were accomplished on time and within scope.

Design Engineers
Signs can be an essential component of a business's overall marketing strategy. A sign that contains the company’s logo can help reinforce its brand.

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